Preorders open for Genesis, a homebrew shmup by 7FH releasing in September


Make your way through 4 action packed levels, shoot down enemy ships, collect power-ups and defeat the bosses to reach the main processor and stop GENESIS once and for all.

Just put in my preorder for this wonderful looking homebrew game. It’s a shoot-em-up developed by 7FH (haven’t found much info on them, unfortunately) getting released in September. Preorders close on June 7th at 2pm EST so lock yours in for a sweet $44.99 USD before tax and shipping.

This release includes:

  • Sealed box
  • Black game cartridge
  • Cartridge protector
  • Game manual

Preorderers get a limited edition sticker sheet, too.

Genesis is being published as a physical cartridge by Incube8 Games — who are also helping publish the highly-anticipated “resurrected” game Infinity (whenever that manages to launch its Kickstarter.)

Somewhat notably, this release was developed using GBDK and not GB Studio, unlike some other recent homebrew games.

Bring on the physical GB publishing resurgence. 😎


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