YouTuber creates a GB link-cable-to-USB device, uses it to mine Bitcoin and play online

Source 1: Mining Bitcoin on the Game Boy – YouTube

Source 2: Online Multiplayer on the Game Boy – YouTube

In March, this video by stacksmashing on YouTube began blowing up in various Game Boy and cryptocurrency circles. And what an incredible feat! The software side of things is impressive, but even moreso the hardware. The first step was using a Raspberry Pi Pico to create the actual device, otherwise there wouldn’t be a way for the Game Boy (and game) and PC to talk to each other.

A Raspberry Pi Pico board

And the follow-up video posted this week was even more impressive! This is similar to when the PS3 allowed you to play ad-hoc PSP titles online — only on much more ancient hardware!

You can check out stacksmashing on YouTube here.


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