[Cool site] Boxy Pixel

Source: https://www.boxypixel.com

A machined aluminum GBA shell by Boxy Pixel

Boxy Pixel is an online shop which specializes in mods for GBC, GBA and Nintendo Switch. Their headlining items definitely have to be the eye-catching machined-aluminum shells!

They also sell other mod parts, such as aluminum buttons, new screens, rechargeable batteries, USB-C charging boards, and much more. Aluminum shells for either Color or Advance run for $69.00 USD, and come in a variety of colors (anodization) including gold, silver (clear anodization), red, blue, and teal. They also come in a “solid brass” variant, which seems to be a “shinier” gold.

Unfortunately, at the time of this post the GBC shells are sold out, with a note saying they’re being “redesigned.”

We are currently redesigning and prototyping new shells. ETA is June.

Boxy Pixel

I hope there’s as few (outward) changes from the official design as possible, personally! Their homegrown hingeless SP design is neat, but it’s hard to beat the people at Nintendo.

Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged


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