Kotaku: “Happy 20th Birthday, Game Boy Advance”

Source: https://kotaku.com/happy-20th-birthday-game-boy-advance-1847080317

I can’t prove to you with graphs and logic that the Game Boy Advance was the best handheld ever made. Mostly because I know it was the DS, and I would accidentally end up proving that. But shhhh, forget that, today is the GBA’s day. I adored my see-through pink monstrosity, and then I adored my ridiculous clamshell GBA SP. (I somehow stopped myself from buying the Micro.)

Kotaku’s John Walker

Happy birthday to the GBA! It launched in the US on June 11th, 2001. I’m always interested in debates around the “best Nintendo handheld,” there’s good arguments for all of them I think!

The linked article is more a personal retrospective on the GBA and its library by Kotaku’s John Walker. Definitely a wonderful trip down memory lane. 🎂



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