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I will attempt to collect, play, and review every North American Game Boy game release. Then, every Game Boy Color release. Then finally, every Game Boy Advance release. Yes, I’ll be doing this until I’m dead.

Game Boy Guru

One of the more interesting websites I’ve come across in a while! By my count, this blogger has reviewed at least 29 games for the Game Boy already. More information is available on the blog’s first post:

My name is Josh, and I’ve been playing video games, in some form, since I was 5 years old. I first experienced the thrill of video games at the ripe young age of 5, at a family get together. My uncle brought his Atari 2600 console, and between Pac-Man, Combat, Battlezone, and a handful of other titles, I was completely smitten with the idea of controlling some small, multi-pixel object on the screen. Every time we would get together with family, I hoped one of my uncles would bring their Atari 2600. Every time I’d visit friends, I would beg them to play video games. And eventually, I would own my own gaming platform, but more on that later.


So why does the world need a Game Boy Guru?  I’m not sure it does, but as my conversation with Dylan Cornelius went (great dude, go follow him on Twitter right now!), the more people exploring the entire game libraries of each console, the better.  The more people that are uncovering the lesser known titles, milling through the shovelware, and truly highlighting the best games of a platform, the better off the retro gaming community will be. 

From Introduction to Game Boy Guru

I agree, Josh! Even though updates are somewhat spare, this seems like a great blog to follow.