Q&A with Starlab Games, makers of Repugnant Bounty!

Plus, new screenshots and music from the game

While writing up last week’s post on the Kickstarter for Repugnant Bounty, a new Metroidvania-like for Game Boy, I was able to get in touch with the developers at Starlab Games. They graciously agreed to answer some questions I sent over, and provided some brand-new music and screenshots (in color!)

I had the pleasure of hearing from Starr (founder), Taiki, Quait, and Colonel Panic. Their in-depth and thoughtful answers give a deep insight into the process behind bringing Repugnant Bounty to life. Check it out below!

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Ars Technica interviews GB homebrewers past & present

Source: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/05/meet-the-developers-making-og-game-boy-games-in-2021/

Ars Technica gives an in-depth and illuminating interview with several prominent Game Boy homebrew developers and publishers, including Izma (Daedeus), Chris Beach (publisher Spacebot Interactive), John Roo (Quest Arrest), and Quang Nguyen (Super JetPak DX.)

Not only does author Anthony McGlynn dish on what’s going on recently (GB Studio 2.0, publishing heating up) but there’s also a great look-back on the origins of the scene circa 1999.

“The Game Boy community back in 1999 was mainly set around the IIRC channel, GBDev,” Super JetPak DX co-developer Quang Nguyen said. “We used to hang out in there a lot, and there [were] a bunch of Game Boy development websites linked together by webrings.”

At that point, the Game Boy Color was only a year old, and the system was thriving. Like-minded homebrew creators shared knowledge on coding and such through message boards and chat rooms, spurred on by Michael Hope and Pascal Felbar’s GBDK, an open source Game Boy development kit.

Ars Technica

I highly recommend reading the full article.